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    Good evening ZzukBot community, Haven't hear you for along time. My plan is to setting up a new core team to push especially ZzukBot Version 3. I am searching Developer who are interested to expand Version 3.Our aims for future: 1. AFK Grinder 1-60, 2. Questing, 3. Farming (Herbs, Mines), 4. PVP AFK 1-60 Grinder Example: I have already 1-60 Grinding profiles for Hord / Alliance + all GoTo's to new areas, class trainers. Create Char - [GoTo Grinding Area 1-6] -> Switching profile - [Grinding 1-6] -> Check if you are level 6 -> Switch profile - [GoTo ClassTrainer] -> Learn spells (just the importanst) -> Switch profile - [GoTo Grinding Area 6-10] -> Switch profile - [Grinding 6-10] ... Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. Discord: eRox.#4854 Best regards eRox.