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  1. V0.07C released: AntiAfk implemented (commented it out by mistake) Warden security upped a little bit
  2. Attention: Elysiums latest WoW binary has a different hash than the binary I have on my PC. It might be modified, I dont know. Please make sure you use an unmodified client to stay safe. What is it? A "helper" for 1.12.1 Vanilla WoW. The tool launches WoW and registers a few new functions which you can use: Thanks() -> Blabla from my side NoClip1(), NoClip2(), NoClip3() -> Different NoClip modes UseItem('X') -> Will use AoE items like a grenade on your current targets position Loot() -> Loot all units around you your toon can reach without moving UseSpell('X') -> Same like UseItem() but for spells like Blizzard UseObject('X') -> Use closest object around you with the matching name (for example Copper Vein) Interact() -> Interact with your target (open vendor, attack etc.) AutoLoot() -> Enables shift style auto loot SaveBars('X'), LoadBars('X'), RemoveBars('X') -> Save action bar profiles for your current character Security? I implemented all kind of anti cheat methods I am aware of and also talked with a few people who have more knowledge than me about this topic. Stil I cant guarantee 100% safety and ask you to use this tool with caution. How to use? Make sure you can run programs as Administrator Install all dependencies (https://forum.zzukbot.com/index.php?/topic/9-zzukbot-dependencies/) Make sure your antivirus isnt blocking the tool Unblock the downloaded zip: https://imgur.com/a/sRz0o Report problems and check this thread from time to time for updates (the tool has no updater) Download: https://zzukbot.com/Downloads/ClassicFramework.zip
  3. Thanks to mighty Dgcfus you now have lure support! Enjoy the update!
  4. ZzukBot 3 is a free open source project with limited support. If you seek for a bot with active developers I suggest you to take a look at betterbot.org! Betterbot is a completely external bot (no injection, no memory writes etc) and aims to support Vanilla (1.12.1), BC (2.4.3) and WotLK (3.3.5a). Right now it is in its alpha stage and free to use. I can vouch for its developers and you should really take a look (but dont forget: It is an ALPHA product).
  5. When compiling ZzukBot 3 a few things can go wrong duo to missing libraries. If you have problems try to follow the directions of this thread. If it is running and compiling fine just ignore this thread (never change a running system). If you have problems which arent mentioned here you can contact me for further assistance. First of all make sure you have the Windows 8.1 and 10 SDK installed. Also install the latest .net Framework (https://www.sereby.org/site/All in One Runtimes&lang=en is good to install all kind of dependencies at once). If you have problems compiling the Loader or the AntiQuery project I advice you to take a look at the error. It will probably tell you about a missing dll. Check your computer for the dll and add the parent folder of the dll to the Include Directories. Example: A user couldnt compile AntiQuery because it said that "cor.h" is missing. To solve it we did the following: Rightclick on AntiQuery Select Properties from the dropdown menu In the upcoming window select "VC++ Directories" Highlight "Include Directories", click on the down arrow and hit "Edit" In the upcoming window you add the path to the dll like I did in the screenshot
  6. Thanks a lot for the kind words! I will definetly take a look at the project and see how I can integrate it into v3.
  7. At my blog I have a bunch of old tutorials I wrote 2 years ago. I sorted out the non sense stuff and updated the links to working repositories. Taking feature requests for further blog posts!
  8. Why you should take a look at ZzukBot 3 1.12.1 WoW is the perfect target to learn how to manipulate and hack other processes: While Blizzard doesnt support this patch anymore there are a lot of projects which aim to support older patches including 1.12.1. This means that you can pick up this source and learn from it in your own pace since the game client wont change anymore. Moreover you can test and run the project as long as those projects exist - many old sources arent useable anymore because they target not emulated patches of WoW and can only be understood by reading instead of actively debugging/running them. Why go open source? Bring in some fresh air Meet new interesting people to work with (Join my Discord) I lack time to support a commercial project (take a look at Betterbot or WRobot for this) Give back You can also help me! The first version of the bot can stil be used for 2€ a month (the version described here is completely free). If you like to assist me you could for example setup a subscription. Otherwise I am glad for everyone who contributes to the project: Join my Discord, fork the project, submit new commits and help create something awesome Some pearls of the bot Warden Mem/Pagescan bypass Hook NtVirtualQueryMemory aswell Module32First/Next to hide my modules Unlink from PEB aswell Erase PE Header in managed code Pathfinding ripped from CMangos API to interact with nearly every aspect of the game MEF Extension API How to setup the source? Get mmaps, install dependencies (Follow this guide). Instead of downloading the bot from the link provided in the linked thread you will however use your own compiled version. Get Visual Studio 2017 and optionally Cheat Engine, OllyDbg, IDA, x64dbg Get 1.12.1 WoW and find a project to play on (Kronos, Vanillagaming, Elysium etc.) Register in this forum (needed for authentication) Clone the repository from here (https://github.com/Zz9uk3/ZzukBot_V3) Open up the repository. You should see the following projects: Switch the solution to debug and set BotLauncher as start project: Build the projects in the following order: Loader, Navigation, ZzukBot_WPF, BotLauncher Now you have everything required inside the Release folder (ZzukBot_V3\Release) Run 1.12.1 WoW.exe standalone and turn down all graphics to minimum and enable windowed mode. Exit the game with a logout to save settings. Run the BotLauncher.exe insde the release folder and select the previously started 1.12.1 WoW.exe A new window should appear. Login using your previously registered forum account The bot will stil talk to my authentication server to get a few outsourced parts like offsets. To authenticate fine you should compile as debug. Release version needs to be whitelisted by me and is for further versions Now play around with the source. Add some Console.WriteLines, attach a debugger (while compiled in debug mode the bot will ask you at start if you'd like to attach a debugger) and have fun Dont forget to launch Visual Studio as Administrator or you will have a bad time This is not the end I would like to extend this thread even more. It is my main goal to provide you with something you can learn from. Contact me incase you have problems or need certain parts more elaborated.
  9. This is such a big motivation <3. I will definetly work out every bug stil present in the framework to make it support this better.
  10. https://gist.github.com/Zz9uk3/d6a73a79a1054d1f2c3ebe04bf093a9e
  11. Look here: http://imgur.com/a/sRz0o
  12. If you change any UI component from a thread which isnt the thread running the UI you will suffer a crash. To execute code on the UI thread you can use the Invoke function of the Form class. WPF has equal functionality in form of the dispatcher. I wrote a little example: https://gist.github.com/Zz9uk3/aab1ba60b977139e1edc9fa867281aa6 Keep in mind this isnt well abstracted and can be done more fancy Also I want to add a screenshot of a post jadd once made on his blog which explains thread safety pretty well: (Source:http://blog.ntoskr.nl/hooking-threads-without-detours-or-patches/)
  13. I could also create an API for packet handling and manipulation but first of all I would like to fix up existing shit.
  14. Reading later Will edit this post
  15. Sounds very cool to me and I am open to any kind of suggestion. The only problem I see is that the extension interfaces only expose some basic information and functions: https://zzukbot.com/API/3/html/b1a64b40-46c6-d991-12e0-5a12a3731d2a.htm https://zzukbot.com/API/3/html/1abfb569-e3a2-ccc9-dde7-ed5572ed20e4.htm Personally I would have no idea how I should find out if a plugin is done with work by a Load and an Unload method. Over the course of the weekend I will have a good chunk of time for the bot. If you can come up with a few more details I will redo the extension system (dw wont break anything existing). Quick brainstorm: Probably have a few functions inside the IPlugin Interface which can be used and abused for multiple purposes: bool StartWorkload1(Action onFinishedCallback) bool StartWorkload2(Action onFinishedCallback) bool StartWorkload3(Action onFinishedCallback) For example Alex would release a plugin which will throw away all grey items when StartWorkload1 is called (will return true if started successfully). As soon as the workload is done the passed action callback is invoked. How do other people know about what each workload will do? Well basically Alex has to create a thread explaining what has to be called. This implementation is probably not perfect but would be generic enough to work with all kind of stuff.